What is DKP Sheet?

What is DKP Sheet, sheet metal, especially iron material. It is obtained by passing thick plates between rollers, that is, by rolling. After the first hot rolling, cold rolling is done to obtain a smooth surface. DKP SAC These sheets with different thicknesses are cut within certain standard sizes or in strips. This process is done with two rollers.


Where is DKP Sheet Used?
Besides the covers of various wheeled vehicles, ship hulls and many technological application areas, one of the most important usage areas of sheet metal is electric vehicles. Silicon sheet bundles form the core of the rotor, stator windings and transformer windings of electric motors. The most important feature of siliceous sheets is that they minimize magnetic losses and increase efficiency, thanks to the silicon they contain. In addition, this silica added to the iron makes the iron more stable by reducing the changes that may occur in the magnetic properties of the iron over time. The orientation of the sheet crystals in a certain direction during rolling causes the quality of the sheet to increase in terms of magnetic properties and requires less sheet metal for a specific magnetic circuit. Some of the products manufactured from these dkp sheet metal products are as follows; Many shelf system models such as steel shelf systems, metal shelves, warehouse shelves, folder shelves are produced.