Second Quality Sheet Metal

Basically, it is produced by hot rolling. As second quality sheets, you can find many sheets of different thicknesses and different characteristics that you can use in your applications in our company. Second quality sheet metal profile is being sold by
Second quality sheet metal profile is being sold by our company.

Second Quality Pipe & Profile

Second Quality pipe profiles are used in construction business, roof constructions, automotive and automotive sub-industry, bicycles, furniture, and steel goods manufacturing.
Second quality pipe profile is being sold by our company.

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The metal sheet, which is difficult to cut, is called guillotine shear cutting. The cutting process in guillotine scissors has the same principle as the scissors that we use in daily life. Guillotine scissors have a double knife, and these blades are divided into as fixed and moving. While the lower blade remains stationary; the upper blade is in motion. There is a gap between the cutting lower and upper blades. This gap varies depending on the thickness of the sheet to be cut. Therefore, it is also called double-sided.


The Roll Sheet Slitting Line

The Roll Sheet Slitting Line allows the rolled sheet material to be produced in narrow and long strips by passing through circular blades.

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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a technology that allows metals and some non-metallic materials to be cut with extreme precision when necessary. 

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What is DKP Sheet?

What is DKP Sheet, sheet metal, especially iron material. It is obtained by passing thick sheets between rollers, that is, by rolling....