Black Sheet Metal

Black Sheet Metal

Black sheets are flat steel products manufactured by casting method, heating the rectangular cross-section semi-finished product to a temperature determined by the standards required for production and obtained by rolling method. The produced black sheets are wrapped in rolls. Since the steels used for the application of black sheet metal are above the re-crystallization temperature, it is possible to produce them in larger sizes than usual. In addition, it is slightly more difficult to control its shape than normal sheets, as it shrinks slightly during cooling.



ST-37 Black Sheet Metal

ST-37 black sheet is a steel plate product manufactured by applying hot rolling method. It is one of the most sought-after steel products in our country and in the world, so its production and consumption increases every year. The dimensions of ST-37 black sheets are usually from 1.50 mm to 20.00 mm. On request, different sizes can be produced.

 The Features of Black Sheet Metal


  •  Produced by casting process. 
  •  High endurance 
  •   Easy to shape
  •   High capability in welding
  •   Wide usage area
  •   Feasible for custom production


General Use of Black Sheet Metal

  •   Railway tracks
  •   Automotive Industry
  •   Production of work and construction machinery
  •   Production of steel safe vault, 
  •   Ship building industry 
  •   Machinery production.
  •   Construction Industry
  •   Shelf and durable goods production
  •   Domestic appliances production
  •   Tanks built for storage


Differences Between HRP and Black Sheet Metal

HRP sheet is a flat steel product which is produced by hot rolling method. Black sheet products are produced with continuous casting application. Black sheet is a product which is produced by hot rolling application, while HRP sheet metal can be produced by both hot and cold rolling method.

Black sheets are products that can be obtained by rolling rectangular and by-product at a certain temperature by continuous casting method of liquid steel. On the other hand, HRP sheet is a type of sheet metal that is shaped by passing through the cylinder.


Finally, there is no difference between HRP and black sheets in terms of quality. They may only vary by usage.