About Us


Our company was founded by Ekrem Çelik in Istanbul, in 1986 and has been continuing its path under the name of Harçelik Flat Metal since 2009. As our founder Ekrem Çelik has always stated, we only had had one pack of 1.5 mm sheets when we started the business and yet we kept counting on our determination to work. That determination has led us to reach the figures of 16,000 (tons/year) of flat products and pipe-profiles sales today. In our product range, we have rolls between 0.50 mm -15 mm and packages of black DKP-HRP galvanized between 0.50 mm - 4.00 mm, as well as second quality DKP-HRP sheets and pipe-profiles, which we mainly sell. Additionally, we have roll slitting, length cutting, CNC laser cutting, and scissor cutting sizing services as well. Along with our increasing product service diversity day by day, our company continues its way to meet the demands of our customers in the fastest way with both the most accurate solution and the most affordable price.