Galvanized Sheet Metal

Galvanized Sheet Metal

1311-1312- 1314 Quality Sheets

Steel sheet is covered with zinc immersion or electrolytic coating to increase corrosion resistance. Coating is usually done on both surfaces in total 100-300 gr/square meters. Chromate solution or oil is applied to the surface of the coated material to protect against white rust.

Advantages Over Cold Sheet Metal

  • High Corrosion Resistance: Zinc coating provides excellent corrosion resistance to galvanized material, due to the protection of zinc by standing as a barrier against corrosive elements. Its final lifespan depends on the thickness of the coating and the corrosiveness of the environment in which it is located (moist, salty, etc.).


  • Excellent surface Appearance: It can also be used without any surface treatment.


  • Formability: Galvanized Sheets retain their forming properties, so they can be deeply retracted and easily formed.


  • Dyeability: The suitable surface can be easily dyed after pre-treatment.  It is dyed before use and allows it to be presented and shaped as dyed sheet metal to the end user.


  • Weldability: It can be welded by many known welding methods.


 General Use

  • Galvanized sheet metal, which is very suitable for corrosion resistance and painting, is the type of material that best meets the requirements of the automotive industry. It is used by automotive manufacturers in both internal and exterior parts productions and thus can be guaranteed for life against corrosion.


  • In the building industry, hot dip galvanized sheets have been given the appropriate form and found quite a wide application area as roofing, panel, or sandwich panel on the interior and exterior side surfaces of buildings.


  • Due to its longevity, it is the preferred product in the manufacture of domestic appliances (plain on invisible surfaces and as painted sheet on visible surfaces) in the manufacture of ventilation equipment.